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This machine was designed and built for a wheelchair manufacturer to drill assembly holes into a cross-brace for their production.

The models include STEEL Cross-brace frames, as well as ALUMINUM frames with STEEL inserts, both of which can be drilled in this station with minimal changeover requirements.


Two different hole sizes are drilled simultaneously by the 'Sugino" electro-pneumatic drill heads.

"Deschner" brand "Skip-chek" feed controls allow for a controlled drill feed through the 1st tube wall, then fast feed to the second wall, where a controlled feed rate is again implemented, to reduce cycle time of the drill cycle. (Machine cycle time is 7-1/2 seconds)

The cross-braces come in a variety of models with different lengths, as well as varying positions for each of the holes. To accommodate the different models, the rear clamp is mounted to a slide, which is moved by the hand wheel in the center of the station.

Each of the drill heads is mounted to a slide table with a linear transducer attached to the "Schaevitz" MP2000 controller/display. This provides easy adjustment with precision to .001"



The dimensions on the controller/display are actual print dimension centerline distances. The hole position is taken right off the part print, and the drill is adjusted until the distance is displayed on the MP2000, then the drill is "locked" in position for operation.

The station uses a FLOOD type coolant system

"Zero Force" finger switches are used to activate the cycle



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