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Grinding Wheel Stripper Station


This automatic transfer station was built to replace the manual process of separating cured grinding wheels from their form plates, after they have exited the cure oven.

Each incoming stack can weigh between 80 and 140 pounds; a HEAVY load for a human operator to manhandle for 8-10 hours per day!

The stack enters the first station, which contains an impact hammer fitted with a custom drive shaft to remove the center guide rod. (After going through the oven, it is "locked" to the wheels pretty tightly)

Once the shaft has been ejected from the stack, the stack is automatically moved to the un-stack station. At this station, the two pick and place units (below) utilize vacuum to obtain a wheel (or form plate, depending on which unit is in position) and then transfer it to the offload conveyor. In this manner, the station will automatically segregate the forms from the grinding wheels during the cycle.

While the form plates are returned to the beginning of the production line to be processed through again on one conveyor, the grinding wheels are stacked and sent on another conveyor to final packaging to be inspected and packed into shipment containers.

We also built similar machines to stack the grinding wheels and form plates into a package to be sent through the over for the curing process at the beginning of the production line!


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Last modified: 05/26/17