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With a built in Pressure Transducer, and Linear Encoder, this "Smart Press" includes the ability to monitor proper travel distance, as well as force range limits, during its operation. Powered by a pneumatic cylinder applying up to 1-1/4 tons of force with a 3" stroke, quick change tooling and easy set-up allows for a variety of applications with minimal set up effort. The Press may also be retro-fitted with an "Air over Oil" Power Unit, offering increased tonnage capabilities up to approximately 8 tons.

Built into the press PLC program, is the ability to include up to (5) air controlled mechanisms and several 24 VDC electric inputs on the individual tooling fixtures, to facilitate optional tests with optics, limit switches, or proximity sensors, and motions that may be required prior to the cycle of the press. The functions and tests may be added into the PLC program as they are developed.

Originally, this machine was built with (2) applications for the installation of threaded inserts into the plastic control housings, both seen here.





During each cycle for the above assemblies, a final insert position (Press Travel) is assured, in combination with upper and lower force limits confirming that the (2) inserts are installed properly.


To replace the tooling fixture, the front controls pivot forward and down to allow access to the die-set base plate. Once any air lines and the electrical connector are disconnected from the die-set, the die-set may be removed from the front of the station.


Easy to follow screens on the  operator interface, guide the operator through set up and operation of the machine. Custom travel distance and force requirements are easily adjusted, and Calibration is simple, with the included Gage.

During the operation, distance to final position and force exerted, is displayed on the screen. Faults are also displayed on the screen for the operator.

Bin racks on each side of the main press frame are included for placement of components during the operation of the machine in production.

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