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Caterpillar Spring Assembly Station

This machine was built to simultaneously wind and install the (4) brush springs on the plate seen below left.


(4) springs are placed into the nest plate, onto the winder bits...


The (4) winder bits are gear driven from the SMC Rotary Cylinder at the bottom of the transmission.  


The springs are wound approximately 90 degrees, and an ejector plate transfers the springs onto

 the brush/spring holders. The time to wind and transfer all (4) springs is 2-3 seconds.

Prior to implementation of this station, each spring was individually installed onto the plate with

a pair of needle nose pliers and a "twist of the wrist." With this machine, the process is much faster,

and eliminates the repetitive action that is difficult on operators over the course of the day!

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Last modified: 05/26/17