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Automatic Tray Fold & Weld Machine

Built for a contractor of the United States Postal Service, this machine is one of a pair of machines duplicated to erect the postal trays seen at the base of the machine. The flat corrugated plastic is die cut to the appropriate shape, prior to being placed into the hopper at the left end of the machine. A vacuum pick and place unit "peels" the flat at the bottom of the stack, and transfers it to the first of (3) sub-stations in the machine. The long flaps are folded over, as one of three overhead form & transfer units is lowered onto the flat and corner flaps are folded in. The overhead unit raises the partially formed carton and transfers it to the second sub-station where the end flaps are folded over the corners, and the handle flap is folded into the carton at either end. The third station contains (2) Ultra-sonic welders that will fasten the plastic to itself, locking the carton together. The completed carton is then dropped onto a conveyor (not in photo) where it can be labeled, stacked, and crated for shipment.

In this photo, the (3) sub-stations become a little more obvious. You can see one of the (4) corner fold cylinders in the lower center of the photo on the first station, along with the handle punch and retainers on station #2.


The "Dukane" Ultrasonic welders use high frequency sound waves to "melt" the plastic in (16) places, in order to fasten the carton to itself. This creates a very secure carton, ready for long life with the postal service!

The average cycle time from start to finish is 9 seconds per carton.

The machine is encased with polycarbonate guards, which are interlocked for safety. Sound absorption panels around the base help to dissipate the noise generated from the ultrasonic welders.

The machine functions are accessed with an Allen Bradley "Panelview" operator interface.




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