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Intake Manifold Insert Inspection 

This machine was built to inspect a V-8 engine intake manifold for the presence of  threaded inserts, (for mounting of fuel rails and other accessories) as well as measuring the distance from the top of each insert to the surface of the manifold.

The measurements are then compared to individual specifications for each insert and it is then determined if all inserts are installed within specifications.

The plastic manifold is placed into the nest on the moving platform. It is then locked into the nest when the finger switches are simultaneously activated.

The platform moves the manifold into the first test area, where Inductive proximity sensors look for the presence of the inserts at required locations. If all inserts are detected, the platform takes the manifold further into the station, to the measurement area.

A series of LVDT's (Linear Variable Displacement Transducers) then take precise measurements of the heights of each insert, and the PLC compares the measured data to preset specification data from the registry.

Graphic indicators on the color touch screen give visual representation of the positions of each insert for easy operation.

If all tests confirm proper installation of each insert, the machine marks the manifold to indicate "all is well."


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