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Tacoma Knuckle Lift
Propeller Shaft Lift
Hole Punch Station
Spring Winder
Speed Demon
Line King

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Here are a few of our more recent projects: (Click on a photo for a larger view)



TRD Decal Location Jig

Support Frame for Tire Installation Assist

Robotic Arm End of Arm Vacuum Plate

Cable Cutting Blade

Specialized Bolts

Bearing Dust Cap Installation Hammer Tools

Welder Tip Set Gages

4X4 Emblem Location Jig

4 X 4 Emblem

Custom Socket

Driveshaft Flange Clamp Tool Jaws

Special Shoulder Bolts

Hammer Tool Drives

Tundra Emblem Location Jig

Engine Badge Location Jigs

Engine Badge Jig, On Door

"LIMITED" Emblem Jig

Complete Set of Emblem Jigs

Rail Installation Rollers

Location Jig

Alignment Tool Pins

Punch Assembly

Location Confirmation Jigs

Motor Adapter Housing

Pivot Bearing Shafts

Clamp Jaw

Bumper Locking Plate

Bumper Assembly Jig

Bumper Assembly Jig

Bumper Lock Feature

Rotating Features of Bumper Assembly Jig

Torque Tool Reaction Plate

Lock Jaws

Angle Measuring Gage for Jet Engine Rotary Vanes

Rotary Vane Auto Gage

Spring Back Roller Arm

Set of Spring Back Roller Arms

24' Linear Rail

Feeder Gage Blocks

Vinyl Extrusion Die Tips

Location Gage Assembly

Custom Drive Socket

Socket View of Drive Socket

Tubing Protector for Rack & Pinion

Replacement Frame Arm for Tire Installation Machine

Door Striker Installation Jig

Checking Station for AC Tube

Masking Plug Set

Masking Plug Set

Winch Cable Spool

Cable Spool Set

Personnel Protective Sheild

Oil Cooler Protector

Hard Anodized Aluminum skin with a rubber liner, this is used to protect oil cooler during transportation.

Oil Cooler Protector

Close up of the latch assembly

Oil Cooler Protector

Cut-out details

Liner Puller

A customized slide hammer


A variety of special fasteners


Bearing Puller/Installer Set

Items in the kit

Strut Fitting Assemblies

Custom Slide Hammer

Aluminum Adapters


Press Fixture

Custom Puller

Another Puller

Another Variation of Puller

Torque Fixture

Torque Tool

Spindles and Mold

RTV hubs are formed in the mold (above) and assembled between teflon coated endplates.

Breakdown of the spindle assembly

Assembly Fixture

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