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Here are a few of our more recent projects:

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Frame Skillet Latches

Door Striker Prototype Jig

Revisions of Valance/Rear Resin Bumper Tray

Valance (left) and Rear Resin on NEW tray

Dedicated Tap Station

Door Seal Trim Jig

Chain Link Separator

Close up of punches

Orbit Former Station

Orbit Form Nest

Side Plungers hold contacts in position

Plungers and terminal holes

Rotary weld adapter

Drill Jig

Sling device

Bearing puller

Torque Fixture

Torque Fixture

Torque Fixture

Bearing Press Tool

Fixture Bridge Assembly

Torque Fixture

Hand Assembly Jig

Vinyl Bead Rollers

Ring Plate Fixture

Press Assembly Fixture

Torque Fixture

Precision Gear Puller

(2) of several Track Press Tools

Showing Track being installed with Press Tool

This door emblem jig was developed for accurate positioning of the badge on the door.

Molded urethane back with embedded magnets free the team members hands, once in place.

Engine Hoist Hooks

Engine Hoist Hook

This provides a hook lock feature to prevent accidental release of the engine.

Alignment Machine

The original wheel guide brackets, damaged by a vehicle.

These are replacement wheel guide brackets.

Locating pins

Guidance Inserts for Welders

Grease gun adapter

Propellor (Drive) shaft clamp

Quick Brake Line Nut Drivers

Shock Spring Lift Jig

Lower Spring Cradle on Shock Spring Lift Jig

Stabilizer Bar Location Jig

Brake Rotor Lift Jig

This rotating jig uses an "innertube" device to grip the rotor when inflated.

Assemblies for Engine Trays

Assemblies for Engine Trays

Assembly for Engine Trays

Hub Alignment Fixtures

Modified Clamp

Front Differential Lift Jig

Cradle of F.D.L.J.

Rotator of F.D.L.J.

Rivet Feed Rail

Replacement made for worn out exit rails

A side view of the rail assembly

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