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This Supercharger Tube Assembly Station was built to inspect the threaded holes in the machined intake, then install (5) steel tube fittings and a cup plug.

A Mectron RW-80 4-channel thread sensor uses "Eddy Current" technology to verify that the holes are drilled and threaded in key positions, indicating that all holes have been properly machined before the fittings are installed.

Fiber Optics/Capacitive Proximity sensors verify the presence of the components prior to the cycle of the machine.

Hydraulic Press Cylinders are used to install each of the fittings.

Including a COLOR touch screen display offers an informative interface for the operator to view the status of the station, and provides a means to manually control individual components of the station.                

Key Benefits

bulletUsing a MECTRON thread sensor to inspect key holes for the presence of threads, verification is obtained before the tubes are installed.
bulletFiber Optics verify presence of EACH tube prior to installation.
bulletTooling design sets depths of each tube to be sure they are properly installed at the completion of the cycle
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