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This semi-automatic machine was designed and built to wash the machining chips and coolant from this water crossover after the casting is machined.


Three crossovers are loaded into the open side of the split cabinet and the dual finger switches are activated. The door automatically moves to enclose the newly placed crossovers, and the cycle is begun.

A series of pressure wash and air blasts remove the loose chips and coolant from the parts. Nozzles direct the water and air through the center of the parts, as well as over the outer surfaces. After several cycles, dry air is then directed over the part to remove the excess moisture, similar to the way a car wash works on your car!

The washer contains a recirculation system that filters the chips out of the water and then a conveyor system separates the chips and automatically removes them from the water tank, into a hopper to be recycled later! An estimated 1.4 million water crossovers per year are cleaned in this single machine.

The cabinet, tank and plumbing is stainless steel, to prohibit corrosion of the machine.

The cycle is controlled with an Allen Bradley PLC with a data interface to allow for easy adjustment to the cycle.


Base Tank

Machining Drum Gear

Drum Cage

Filter/Pump Unit

Chip Conveyor Internal

Chip Conveyor

Early Assembly

Water Valve


Loaded Fixture

View of fixture and nozzles

Nozzle Manifold/Regen Blower Nozzles

Solution Tank

Drain Screen

Chip Drum Screen

High Pressure Wash

Blow-Off Cycle

Cycle End

Open Cabinet

Second Station Cycle

Operator Controls

Main Controls

Control Cabinet

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