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Control Cable Assembly Machine

The machine at the left was one of a pair of stations for a manufacturer of control cable assemblies to assist in the assembly of the fittings, and to inspect the free length of each of (5) cable ends.

  The free end of each cable has a zinc cast component, which fits into the nest, below. A pull test is performed, and a linear encoder measures the distance from the fitting to the cable end. The measured value is displayed on the encoder controllers and they, in turn, signal the PLC controller when the cable lengths are within specifications.


Within the control housing nest, there are several pneumatic press cylinders to aid the operator in installing the (5) housing end fittings into the housing. The housing is "locked" into the nest until the cycle is complete, and all inspections result in a "GOOD" assembly.

After the cycle is completed, a marking cylinder applies an identifier mark on the housing.

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Last modified: 05/26/17