Manufacturing solutions

Conduit Assembly


Are you familiar with the  "Snake Light"?

This machine was designed and built to assemble the conduits that enable the light to be wrapped around objects and stay in place for the 10 year Anniversary promotion!

Bearing Press


This hydraulic powered press  is one of several built for GE Motors to assemble the bearings onto the rotors for commercial motor applications. Setup Tooling (shown on the rack, right side of table) allows simple changeover between rotors and bearing assemblies.

Pick & Place "Unstacker"


Grinding wheels are stacked together between form plates and compressed when they enter the oven to "cure" or harden. This machine serves to separate the wheels from the form plates, stacking them separately to be boxed and shipped, and the forms returned to the front of the process.

Wash Station


Aluminum castings are machined to finish the water crossovers, which are then placed into this wash station to flush out the chips and machining coolant. A 400+ gallon tank, chip conveyor, and filtration system separate the chips from the solution and carry them to a recycle bin, and plant compressed air and a regenerative blower expel the debris from the crossovers.

Drill Machine


This drill station was built for a wheelchair manufacturer to drill out the pivot holes for the crossover braces of various models, providing the chair with the ability to collapse, or fold up.

Leak Tester


This tester seals off the ports of an automotive supercharger intake manifold, and checks for any leakage in the casting. The transducer controlled decay leak tester is provided by USON.