Complete fabrication under one roof

Tooling & Fixtures


From lollipop molds, to replaceable bumpers and pads, to drill jigs and fixtures

Wire Feed and TIG Welding


Our Welders are experienced with carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other exotic metals

Frame Construction


Complete framework construction, whether it is Aluminum profile, or steel welded frames, we have the skills and equipment to create the needed framework for your system.

In-House Heat Treating


We can heat treat (harden) a variety of alloys. From Flame hardening, water or oil quench, and a Rockwell hardness tester, to verify hardness attained

CNC Milling and Turning


In addition to manual Mills and Lathes, we have several CNC mills and lathes for production machining and complex profiles.

Prototype to Low Volume Production


From prototype work to low volume production (a few hundred parts) we have the equipment to serve our customers needs.